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Property Inspections

At Inspector Gadget, we take pride in conducting thorough inspections that go beyond mere “Drive-By” assessments. Unlike other companies, we stop at the property and meticulously fulfill the work order requirements. Our photos are clear, straight, and capture the entire property, never including irrelevant “car parts.” Additionally, we ensure address verification photos are always provided. In the case of vacant properties, we go the extra mile by capturing a full front photo, rear photo if accessible, two side photos, an address verification photo, and a photo of the water spigot to indicate its status. Our comprehensive reports cover damages, vandalism, hazards, and any conditions that may pose liabilities. If we can’t capture a photo through the window during the first visit, we seek verification from neighbors—eliminating guesswork. Moreover, we meticulously check all doors and windows for security and promptly report any unsecured access if existing hardware cannot be used to lock them back.

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Interior Inspections

During every interior inspection, Inspector Gadget ensures comprehensive documentation with photos of each major room. We meticulously inspect windows and doors, confirming their locked status for added security. Our trained inspectors thoroughly examine ceilings for any signs of damage, indicating potential roof leaks. To provide a comprehensive report, we capture photos of toilets, specifically indicating if they have been winterized or not. Our inspection process also includes a diligent assessment of health hazards such as mold, presence of deceased animals, or visible signs of vermin infestations. With our expertise, we can accurately distinguish between interiors in “Good” condition with excessive leftover items versus those truly in “Fair” or “Poor” condition, necessitating maintenance to preserve the property’s integrity.

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Insurance Loss Inspections

We recognize the frustration homeowners may experience when unexpectedly needing an inspection. At Inspector Gadget, our first priority is to alleviate that frustration by promptly contacting the homeowner to schedule an appointment for inspecting the necessary repairs. We prioritize accommodating their schedule to the best of our ability.

To ensure accuracy and efficiency, we utilize the insurance Scope of Work provided by our clients or request copies from the homeowners directly. While we are not “building inspectors,” we serve as representatives of our clients, safeguarding their interests in restoring the property to its pre-loss standards.

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Occupancy Verification

One of the primary concerns for a mortgage field inspector is determining the occupancy status of a property. It’s important to note that simply having utilities turned off or water shut off does not necessarily indicate vacancy. Occupancy is determined by whether or not the property is inhabited by people, not based solely on the presence of personal belongings or furniture. Furniture alone does not constitute occupancy; it is the presence of individuals that defines it. To make accurate determinations, Inspector Gadget follows a set of professional assessment steps, which may include gathering information from neighbors or taking photos through windows when necessary. We understand the significance of getting this information right, as an incorrect determination can create complications for all parties involved.

At Inspector Gadget, we never rely on guesswork. Instead, we strive to provide our clients with precise and reliable information. Reporting “unknown” occupancy to our clients is akin to ordering a hamburger without the meat—it is essentially useless information. Our commitment is to deliver actionable insights that assist our clients in making informed decisions based on accurate occupancy assessments.

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Letter/Door Delivery

At Inspector Gadget we prioritize the confidential delivery of your messages. We will seal your message in an envelope and securely attach it to the door, ensuring that the word “Confidential” is prominently displayed. Additionally, we offer the service of delivering your door hangers, cards, or any other messages directly to their intended recipients.

Our dedicated team will take every effort to hand-deliver the message whenever possible, especially if the occupants are present at the property. This personalized approach ensures that your communication reaches the intended individuals effectively and with care.

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No-Contact Bankruptcy Inspections

Conducting inspections in these circumstances can indeed be challenging. We are well aware of the legal implications associated with contacting homeowners or their neighbors during such inspections. In fact, we understand the importance of respecting privacy to such an extent that we refrain from approaching the Post Office for information, as employees there may have personal connections to the property.

When our inspectors determine that a property is vacant, they strictly adhere to authorized boundaries and do not enter the premises. All observations are made from the roadside. This is where the expertise and experience of our inspectors truly shine. They possess the necessary discernment skills to accurately assess the occupancy and condition of the property, utilizing their expertise to provide precise and reliable information without overstepping boundaries or compromising privacy.

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Disaster Inspections

Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and fires have the potential to cause widespread devastation, impacting individual homes as well as entire communities. In such situations, mortgage companies often need a comprehensive assessment of their property inventory in specific neighborhoods or townships to evaluate the extent of losses in their clients’ portfolios. This is where disaster inspections come into play, serving as a vital form of property assessment.

Disaster inspections involve conducting thorough damage reports accompanied by detailed photographs. Once the roads are clear and accessible, our experienced inspectors will visit the requested properties to assess the level of damages caused by the natural disaster.

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Foreclosure Inspections

Timely action is crucial in preventing further damage by vandals to these properties. As Mortgage Field Inspectors, we understand the significance of being the first to assess the situation and quickly determine the property’s condition for preservation purposes. Our primary goal is to report accurate information that facilitates the necessary steps to safeguard the property. We pay close attention to key indicators such as broken windows, utility conditions, and the overall security of the home and any outbuildings. Rapid reporting of such information is essential to enable prompt decision-making and appropriate action by all stakeholders involved.

Whenever possible, we take immediate measures to secure the property using existing hardware. This ensures that the property remains protected while awaiting further instructions or necessary repairs. Our proactive approach and commitment to preservation help mitigate potential risks and contribute to the overall integrity of the property.

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Car Chases

While we don’t engage in car chases, we are committed to helping you reach the intended recipient. If you provide us with the last known place of residence, we will personally visit that location and deliver your message, urging the owner to contact you. Additionally, if the car is present at the property, we will take ample photographs to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of its condition. We understand the importance of proper identification, and we will also capture photos of the VIN number for accurate identification purposes. Our attention to detail and thorough approach ensure that you receive the necessary information and documentation to make informed decisions.

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Equipment Inspections

Referred to as Collateral or Floor Inspections, our services extend to various equipment locations. Whether it’s a large lawnmower on a golf course, a backhoe at a rental yard, or a saltwater pump in an oil field, we are prepared to go wherever the equipment is situated. Simply provide us with the location details and serial numbers, and our dedicated team will visit the site to capture comprehensive photos of the equipment and assess its condition. We understand the significance of accurate reporting, and our inspection reports will provide you with valuable insights regarding the equipment’s condition.

Count on us to meticulously document the equipment, enabling you to make informed decisions based on its current state. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive reliable and detailed information about your collateral or floor assets

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